2019 Husqvarna Enduro Range




State-of-the-art, powerful and light engines across the range combined with advanced engine management systems feature across the range. All four-stroke machines benefit from traction control with electric starters fitted as standard on all models apart the TX 125. The FE250 is said to match the featherweight 105kg of the two-stroke machines while the 350 is 106.8kg, the 450 108.8kg while the big-bore 510.9cc FE501 is a claimed 109.3kg. All FE and the TE 250i/300i models feature electronic fuel injection. The EMS on the TE 250i/300i features an electronic control unit (ECU) that is responsible for a number of functions. As for the 4-stroke FE machines, the Keihin EMS integrates selectable engine maps as well as traction control. With the help of a gear sensor, power delivery is tailored for each gear. The 4-stroke range features a 42 mm Keihin throttle body. The injector is placed accordingly to ensure the most efficient flow of fuel into the combustion chamber. 

All MY19 models feature a standard map switch fitted to the handlebar. For the 2-stroke models the switch allows for selection between the standard ignition timing and a slightly retarded timing, to be used in low traction conditions. 

With a new setting to further perfect handling and more bottoming resistance, the WP Xplor 48 front fork is developed by WP Suspension for enduro riding. The forks consist of an open cartridge layout with a spring in each circuit and split damping functions. Matched to the front fork, The WP DCC rear shock features a new setting and a new piston. It is developed to provide advanced damping characteristics and better bottom resistance while keeping to a compact and lightweight design.



PRICING - * does not include on roads


TE150 - $11,996


TE250i - $13,995*


TE300i - $15,295*


FE250 - $12,995*


FE350 - $14,995*


FE450 - $15,295*


FE501 - $15,795*


TX300 - $12,995


FX350 $13,495


FX450 $13,795




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